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Partnership Acquisition

Acquiring the right sponsors for not-for-profits is an art form and The Partnership Guy is very good at it!


David has an impressive track record in attracting valuable sponsorship offers for his clients, especially in the not-for-profit sector. In doing this, he has always developed relationships and formed partnerships for clients that are relevant, appropriate and cooperative.


Key to this success is that he does not approach “just anyone” with sponsorship opportunities. David works alongside your team in early stages to ensure he understands the reason behind the desire for high value sponsorships and only once this work has been completed are any approaches to potential partners made.


The aim is to quickly identify the opportunity and to pave the way to foster a relationship that will grow and prosper for both client and partner alike.

Partnership Strategy

David will work closely to develop a winning sponsorship strategy.


Whether the goal is to acquire, evaluate or refine a sponsorship strategy, David has the expertise to ensure your program is a success.


David’s extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector, enables his clients to obtain measurable results that move the needle toward the achievement of the key objectives intended by the sponsorship program.


He will work with you to:


  • Evaluate the potential of the sponsorship program
  • Identify areas of the sponsorship that can be improved
  • Help to make your sponsorship assets valuable
  • Build the themes, message and offering
  • Create the strategy best suited to you and your potential sponsor
  • Ensure the sponsor’s goals are understood and achieved
  • Generate significant new revenue